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Hiro Murakami

Hiro has been working in the film industry since 2003. He produced commercials for international clients including Toyota, Nissan, Suntory, Bridgestone, just to name a few. After a decade long stint in producing, he went on to shoot projects as director of photography for clients he has built over the years.

Realizing the huge potential and demand for unmanned aerial cinematography, he founded Aliens and Machines. He is a certified drone pilot and a visual storyteller, which are the two must have attributes for a skilled drone pilot/aerial DP.

In addition to being responsible for executing a perfect shot, as a remote Pilot in Command, he ensures the safety of flight operations. His prior experience as a producer is extremely resourceful during the prep. Working hand in hand with production and the film office, he oversees the entire planning phase including acquiring necessary authorizations, creating the Plan of Activity and other documents.


Tommy "Ummagawd" Tibajia 


Tommy has been building custom drones since 2013. Diving deep into the FPV niche, he has competed in both race & freestyle competitions around the world. With several wins under his belt, he went on to produce, host & pilot content for companies such as Rotor Riot, DJI, RedBull, Drone Racing League, DR1, The Hoonigans, Honda and more.

He has a true passion for the Art of flying, which really lends itself to his ability to capture truly exhilarating & mesmerizing clips. Something that only the most skilled FPV pilots can create. Whether chasing cars, other drones, or even flying from INSIDE a drifting car... he's done it all.

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